Configuring Fail2Ban To Protect Services

There are a number of automated banning tools that check for bad behavior but I like fail2ban as it’s flexible and extensible. Configuring fail2ban requires adjustment and testing but can be comprehensive. Certainly sshguard and denyhosts are solid options and if you’re only looking for something to monitor ssh, those are a great way to go.

installing configuring fail2ban
some of the wonderful ssh tools available to bad guys

Note: This a guide to one security tool. You are responsible for securing and exposing a service to the internet. I would not put a fresh box up with ssh open on the internet with only fail2ban installed, for example. (You might also want to harden the service directly.)

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Crypto Wars

I’ve got two pieces about the state of modern crypto wars! The current dialog is about hash functions SHA-2 versus SHA-3. They also talk about some other competing functions like BLAKE and KangarooTwelve, but in the interest of sanity I’m going to stick to SHA-2 and SHA-3. These are both NIST-published standards, and NIST standards are generally the bar used by .. well, everyone.

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